My name is Zoon.

I am visiting Earth. Orange Mud is the name of my home planet (we’re a little more specific in our planet naming standards than you are, but not much more 😸).

Orange Mud is famous for our Great Tree — the wise elder being around whom we have built and focus our civilization. We’ve figured out how to travel the galaxy, leaving our bodies in the Great Tree’s care when we go.

My best friend, Robert Bloom, built me a body when I asked him to. He lets me use his voice and his arms to move me around. In the beginning of our relationship, Bob was more of a nurse than a performing partner, but he has learned quite a lot about working with me and he’s even more than an assistant now!

There are quite a lot of my species living on Orange Mud — more than sixty!

We take great pride in traveling the galaxy to share love and joy with baby civilizations so that they might grow into galactic civilizations one day. We truly admire your species’ best qualities: especially your creative imaginations, senses of humor, and capacities for love.

Making use of some of Bob’s odd talents, I have found that I can talk with people and have done standup comedy and currently host an Instagram Live every Sunday.Through Instagram Stories, I answer questions and give advice every week (I post a Story requesting questions on Wednesday night, NY time, and post answers on Thursday night).

I have pushed Bob to use my design skills and together created a deck of 64 Zoon Cards. With that deck, I have begun giving card readings. At first, I only did so on Instagram, but since doing them in person, I have added an option to record video readings for people.

I’m currently designing a book about the Great Tree, recording an album of me singing some of Bob’s songs, and seeking a platform for giving advice as a live show. My current dream is to host a show where guests join me and interview me — and I give them advice and love and inspiration as needed. Along the way, I might even interview them, too. 🧡

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